Bring back Mining 4 tregs!

Discussion in 'Suggestion' started by Pokecolemon1, May 4, 2014.


Bring Back Mining 4 Tregs?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe

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  4. Another thing

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  1. Pokecolemon1

    Pokecolemon1 New Member

    I know why the server is dying. Its because /sell. The server was most popular when we had Mining 4 tregs. Then, the lava put came and the server started to die. Once Mining 4 tregs came back, we were starting to come back. Then 8 months later, came /sell then the server began to die. When old players join and want to come back, they just /sell everything they own then have tons of money. Then they get bored. Also, when you /sell all the stuff you mine you get less stuff, then it gets harder and annoying.
  2. Gcenac

    Gcenac New Member

    Cole do not take this the wrong way going to try to be constructive

    1) I don't believe that is why tregmine is dying

    2) Not all old players have done that... And the ones who did probably left for a reason

    Now this is what it would take to get me for it

    1) Make it so every block you mine has a price... Every block

    2) Let's say I had a wheat farm that used water to break it... Find some way to make it so I can make money even if it is being broken by water... Or other stuff...
  3. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    They didn't do farmed goods since they are so easy to get and could get someone rich for just going ark and not actually doing anything
  4. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    We were talking on the server and this does seem like it happened this way
  5. Sean1346

    Sean1346 New Member

  6. Gcenac

    Gcenac New Member

    Sean we finally agree on something :/
  7. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    Then explain besides that minecraft is dying out?
  8. Gcenac

    Gcenac New Member

    I really dont think this is why tregmine is dying
    But we could try it
  9. RealFive

    RealFive New Member

    I already made the graphs and explained it in another thread, if your so concerned about how/why it is, find the thread and read it.
  10. Pokecolemon1

    Pokecolemon1 New Member

    I'm not saying its 100% that reason, minecraft dying also plays big thing In this
  11. Gcenac

    Gcenac New Member

    Not sure if it will help but i say lets try
    Why not
    I know i have changed my opinion
    I mean why not
    It is not why tregmine is dying but lets try it
  12. Gcenac

    Gcenac New Member

    -1 Vote for Another thing and +1 for either maybe or yes

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