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    This was founded so that friends from our old server could come together and once again have a blast! I started this new one with the same ideals as the old. We hold true to being friendly and respectful to all players. If however, a player chooses to be ignorant and disrespectful, our staff and Admin will take care of it. We hope that players find the server fun, safe from spammers and griefers. The plugins of the server help to deter griefers, as well as roll their damage back if one were to do so.

    If you join you will just need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules. But don't join and ask for Admin ranks. You will be looked down upon and should feel ashamed. Because, who trusts a player who asks for Op and Admin as soon as they join?

    Are you a veteran Minecraft player without a server to play on?
    Lost interest in the game due to laggy, uncontrolled environments?
    Or, have you just bought the game and want to learn about Minecraft in a helpful, friendly, and creative location?
    If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then Craftacia Minecraft server has something for you.
    Take a step inside of our server and find:
    - An involved administration willing to help new players find a place to build and ensure their safety!
    - An experienced playerbase that is more than capable of assisting you with guidance, resources, and creativity.
    - A fully-functioning and price-controlled economy for blocks and items alike!
    - Warps, town plots, and other helpful tools for those willing to begin a village.
    - Last but not least, a high-reliability server with a 20 player maximum!

    So if you truly believe that Minecraft holds nothing enjoyable for you, or if you're hopelessly lost in this new game of opportunities and challenges,
    come stop on by. The door's wide open.

    Craftacia - Where Dreams and Artists Collide.

    Server Features:
    - PvP (toggle-able)
    - Grief Protection
    - Few ranks to keep it simple (indecisive on adding a Guardian rank)
    - Creative to Builders
    - PvE
    - Economy
    - Friendly admins
    - Neat ranking system
    -Logging Plugins
    - etc (Ask us for more features to look into!)

    The server is professionally hosted 24/7 and is worked on all the time to improve game play! If a player wishes to suggest a plugin or server change, one should feel free to do so. Any suggestion is appreciated, and will be looked at by admins and the owners.

    Come and sign up, we would love to have you on board!
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    Bump -- Lets get more treggies here. You get a special rank called "Treggie"!
  3. ProBwu21

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    Ooh and post here if you've been on the server so others know! :D Some people i can think of who've been on/are on are Slurpehx, Vowz/Lena, Leni, agent, mguarell11 bla too many to remember
  4. SlurpehX

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    It'd be great if we could get some more Treggies on here, as the number of players have been slowly descending lately. Btw message me or /mail me so I can rank you up to Treggie :D
  5. Vozw

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    Theres a growing about of treggies coming here, ive already told Silver Shadow and Epicostrich about this :3 Im hoping to get my IRL friend Ashshadow on :3
    Its very similar to Tregmine and right now the community is really nice <3

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