ERMAGERD: It's Daryl Friggin' Nixon!

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Is this a good skin?

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  1. HELL YES!

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  2. Yes

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  3. Meh. Seen better.

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  4. No

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  5. HELL NO!

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  1. dogsaregood1

    dogsaregood1 New Member

    Just got finished with this one. Took me a couple of days cause I couldn't get on the computer. Homework and schooling.
  2. 121derp121

    121derp121 New Member

    I cannot really see it cause in the picture its in layout form (Or whatever you call it)
  3. dogsaregood1

    dogsaregood1 New Member

    Download it than..
  4. alphacarter

    alphacarter New Member

    Dang that skin looks pretty good, Keep at it ;D
  5. dogsaregood1

    dogsaregood1 New Member

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