The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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    I thought it would be best to ask here.

    What DLC does it have, and how are they unique? And which is best? (Ps3)
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    I dont play this anymore so i havnt bothered with DLC, all i know is that one of the dlc:s they added was a complete ripoff from a already created mod for the game (build your own house).

    All they did was add the ability to adopt children to it and charge money for it.
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    I still play this quite often. The "newly" added patches that they have added are awesome. You can now progress past level 81 and keep leveling. Also when you hit level 100 with a skill you can make it legendary and set it back to 15 and get to use your skill points again.They also added a new difficulty level to the game, which is "legendary" it makes the game quite a bit harder compared to master. Also the three DLC's are all cool but hearthfire was the equivalent of the horse armor dlc in Oblivion. The other two DLC's Dawnguard and Dragonborn just extend the story, Dawnguard having to do with Vampires wanting to take over the world and block out the sun (Also including Dragon weapons, armor, and a few new shouts). Dragonborn is the biggest of the three DLC's because it features a seperate island called Soulstheim, in which you travel to and eventually fight the first dragonborn. You also get New shouts, armor, weapons, and powers. Over all they did well with the DLC's and it makes the game a bit more fun later on when you feel overpowered.
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    i just got skyrim yesterday, it was on sale, i got it including all DLCs for about $6
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    Great game but can tend to get a little boring once and a while. I feel like the game is great in so many names, the names are perfect and the weapons have great detail. No game can compare to it. People wanted the game to have a multiplayer mode and they gave us elder scrolls online which was really disappointing :(. All I am looking forward to now is skyrim remastered for ps4.

    Another great game is Destiny

    Ps4: Plat1numSn1per

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