The Energy of Lava

Discussion in 'Client mod requests' started by GeorgeMacaa, Jun 28, 2012.


Should Lava Buckets be changed?

  1. Yes, completely

    3 vote(s)
  2. No, they're fine

    4 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but only as a Power source

    8 vote(s)
  4. What?

    2 vote(s)
  1. GeorgeMacaa

    GeorgeMacaa New Member

    I'd like to propose that lava buckets be worked on so that they can not be poured but can stll be used as a furnace power source. I honestly do not know whta it would take to accomplish this task but I think it that it would be a useful addition. It might reduce the price of coal, which in turn could upset some people. Despite this I think that a Lava Bucket is reliable source of heat and can reduce carbon emmisions :D. I hope that there is some way this could be a reality. Thank You for you consideration
  2. Delarioo

    Delarioo New Member

    Lava was removed for a good reason. Before this lava would be griefed and it would be everywhere you looked in a griefed town, Its a easyer way to destroy other people's items aswell, Lava will hopefully not be brought back and if your looking for a alternative to coal I suggest you use Blazerods as they're cheap at the moment due to xpfarms and its 6 rods per stack i believe. Your welcome ;)
  3. GeorgeMacaa

    GeorgeMacaa New Member

    You misinterpret me, good man. I suggest we find a way to enable lava buckets to work in ovens but not in the way you explain above. In that way the bucket would act as it does now. As to the second part of your response, I presume that you mean that 6 blaze rods either costs one stack of coal or burns aslong as one stack of coal. Either way thanks :)
  4. ice374

    ice374 New Member

    i voted it should be left how it is because admins are always quick to place it when u do need it and yeah i dont want my stuf griefed cuz its an arse to fix
  5. Devils_Lawyer

    Devils_Lawyer New Member

    People need to start reading what people write in their topics.

    His idea WILL NOT allow people to pour lava into the world, it will simply allow players to hold lava buckets in their inventory and use them for furnace fuel.

    I kinda disagree about this tho since lava isnt a source you can trade then it would lower the buying/selling of other furnace fuel products like coal and wood.
  6. GeorgeMacaa

    GeorgeMacaa New Member

    Yes, I also saw that this was a fault in my idea. Lava is unlimited yet 3 iron are still needed for the bucket. My idea would slighty raise iron sales but lower coal prices. A lower price for coal might be good since the rudementary element could be purchased easily by less-fortunate newerplayers.
    I'm sure some type of agreement could be found to find a golden mean between the opposing ideas.
  7. ice374

    ice374 New Member

    i dont tink it would hurt for coal to get a bit cheeper
  8. Zyev

    Zyev New Member

    I prefer Blaze Rods. Much easier to collect loads of, and easier to manage in terms of Bulk smelting.
  9. GeorgeMacaa

    GeorgeMacaa New Member

    Well I geuss I could use blaze rods thougt I have very little of them. Are they really as good as a fuel source as people say? If so, I might make large purchases of them from people. I found a blaze spawner once but promptly lost it :p. I geuss I might look into this.
  10. Devils_Lawyer

    Devils_Lawyer New Member

    Blaze rods use 6 rods per stack in comparions to coal that uses 8


    Making a blaze farm is a bit of work (especially if you want a 1 punch one) but it has been made alot easier with non pvp arrows turned off since it renders their ranged attack useless tho they can still attack in melee.

    And even so you only get like 1 rod per 3 blaze or so.

    I use rods myself only because i gather them when im getting exp but otherwise i would use coal and wood anyday.
  11. einand

    einand Administrator

    I have lissen to the majority of ppl, so you can now fill bukkits with lava, but not place it. So the only use for it as powersource
  12. Woodersworld

    Woodersworld New Member

    Awesome. People to the people.
  13. GeorgeMacaa

    GeorgeMacaa New Member

    Wow a request was actually accomplished. Thanks :D
    I'm glad it's in now. This will really help my project completion rate.
  14. ice374

    ice374 New Member

    :D is it like an infinate coal?
  15. ciaranmcdonnell

    ciaranmcdonnell New Member

    No not exactly i thought that at first it's like AWESOME!!!!! infinite fuel But nope it lasts just for a long time :) i used it when i was in SP and building Founder :)
  16. WizardO_White

    WizardO_White New Member

    A Whole Bucket Of Lava Is Enough Furnace Burning Energy For 100 Smelted Items, Your Welcome :I.
  17. Delarioo

    Delarioo New Member

    I've still got buckets of lava ;D mwhaha 100k each? ;)
  18. AtomicoX

    AtomicoX New Member

    I have no buckets of lava 0k each? ;)
  19. lachieb1809

    lachieb1809 New Member

    I'm pretty sure you can get buckets of lava now just for a power source if you try and place it it disappears

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