Town "warps"

Discussion in 'Towns' started by mejjad, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. The_Odd_Mexican

    The_Odd_Mexican New Member

    Error 404: Warp not found
    And if I get enough cash I would build a majestic warp called MEXICO!
  2. cko_germany

    cko_germany New Member

    spleef warp? can I make? I don't own it :/
  3. OgreTusk

    OgreTusk New Member

    this really is cool :D I'll go here to see what all the warps look like!
  4. smokiefish

    smokiefish New Member

    Can i please get an island for my town /warp sanramiro? Thanks
  5. drexplosionpd

    drexplosionpd New Member

    i would like an area for my warp hawaii
  6. Angel_Flight

    Angel_Flight New Member

    Guys... This is a dead post as mejjad hasn't been on for a while :/
  7. Sean1346

    Sean1346 New Member

    Any admin can set this up however, not to mention he will be back.
  8. drexplosionpd

    drexplosionpd New Member

    ok thank you for the information

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