TT: Week 4/5 (/update 1.3.0 and /update 1.3.1)

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  1. lDiverse

    lDiverse Administrator

    Okay so first off, sorry for the delay on this post.

    The last two weeks have not been anything that most people really care about, and/or were pretty buggy. For that reason I delayed doing this thread until this week were we updated.
    Unfortunately I managed to break somethings and knew that we would be updating again soon so waited until V1.3.1 to post this.

    We now have quite a bit I can tell you about! Hooray!

    "OP" tools:
    - These are some new tools, namely "Lumberaxe" and "Veinminer" - These are currently only accessible by administrators whilst we test them. Until now we have not found any bugs therefore their release might be coming soon - Mainly christmas?

    Fly fixes:
    - This is from the first week. We made a lot of changes to flying after a bug was found which let warned people fly when they shouldn't have been able to, this should now be fixed.

    Lot and Zone flagging system:
    - This is a system which is most notably for the Coders, this system lets us easily attach a true/false flag to lots and zones. This has been used for some good flags which I will now explain:

    Zone flag:
    /zone flag <ZONE NAME> BLOCK_WARNED true/false - Blocks warned (both soft and hard) from entering the zone, Works similar to the already established banned system but is automatic.

    Lot flags:
    /lot flag <LOT NAME> AUTOBLESS true/false - It has been in tregmine for quite some time now, a way to have inventories automatically blessed in lots - This adds a way of turning it on/off (Should be ON by default)
    /lot flag <LOT NAME> PRIVATE true/false - This is similar to how you can stop people entering zones unless they are allowed/maker/owner, This does the same for lots but means they have to be a lot owner.
    /lot flag <LOT NAME> FLIGHT_ALLOWED true/false - This turns flight on/off in the lot (Should be ON by default), Note: People who use mods to fly will not get blocked from this system - Flying in lots with flight turned off will be deemed an offence and breaking the rules, action will be taken.
    /lot flag <LOT NAME> FISHY_SHARE true/false - Probably one of the most requested features since FishyBlocks, but a way to let more than one person own a fishy block. With this flag set to on, Anyone who is a lot owner can withdraw and deposit from fishy blocks but can not break the block.

    Updated Pistons:
    - Somebody nearly got themselves banned after building an infinite piston extender and tried to grief. To counteract that from happening again I have coded us a system which should prevent such 'Etho builds'.

    Bug fixes:
    - Fishyblocks
    - Trade (Although I think there are some new issues due to 1.7)
    - Warning

    - Donator badge: Log on whilst being donator.
    - Merchant badge: For completing 100 trades, Unlocks longer /trade distance - Currently waiting on /trade to be working for this.

    So it's a lot of new protection and features for zone/lot owners. Which is most people ;p

    Discuss below!
  2. WizardO_White

    WizardO_White New Member

    MMmmm, so that Autobless flag got turned to off and that's why 9 stacks of my diamonds got stolen :D?
  3. lDiverse

    lDiverse Administrator

    There was a duration of time where Autobless was defaulted to off, we have now fixed this and are dealing with cases if reported to admins.
  4. WizardO_White

    WizardO_White New Member

  5. Delarioo

    Delarioo New Member

    Why were they 'nearly' banned, they had to make a large number of pistons just to grief...
  6. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    This is pretty true with the pistons part.
  7. Delarioo

    Delarioo New Member

    It was you!? ;O

    I'm just saying... if someone has to go through the effort to make a large chain of functioning pistons that serve a part, it's obvious they know that it's wrong.
  8. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    No I didn't do that. Yes people are really starting to not know anything when they start making a large machine to wreck people's houses
  9. Pokecolemon1

    Pokecolemon1 New Member

    This has NOTHING to do with pistons. Lot auto bless was turned off for a day. I was the one who investigated wiz's case anyway.
  10. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    Ok well that is great and thank god we have everything straightened out.
  11. lDiverse

    lDiverse Administrator

    Actually, even though its none of your businesses, the only reason I did the piston listener is after the incident I am referring to is where I saw someone with pistons on the edge of their lot quite close to other peoples stuff. I don't believe they had an intent to cause harm but I saw where it could be used to defect the server. I fixed this.

    Most people are complaining about a slight incident about flags where they were backwards and then the code inside was backwards and then too many backwardness got on top of me and Emil and until we fixed it - People had auto bless off in their lot. It is now DEFAULTED on.
  12. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    Thanks for changing it to default on. What bout flying it has a default of off when a plot is created. Will tha pt be changed to a default of on?
  13. lDiverse

    lDiverse Administrator

    It already is defaulted to on - I think that was off for the same duration of auto bless.
  14. Buttskie

    Buttskie New Member

    It is defaulted to allowing fly off atleast that is what it was last night at midnight.

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